Future Work

GClue's goal is the global popularization of the Widget platform and we are doing the technical development day by day.

From 2011, we will begin the service for WAC which mainly consists of communication corporations and now we are preparing for it. Through WAC system, we can send Widget Applications to the markets around the world. And also through the combination of  communication corporation API and online payment systems, about 3 billion users who have strong paying ability can help us exploit new business and markets. Native applications like iTunes AppStore、Widget Application will absolutely compete with each other.

The expansion of the main functions in Droidget in future:
  • support digital signature
  • support WAC API
  • support library of Open API
  • support HTML5

Also we will try the R&D part, for instance:occupy the market place, develop widget framework which can be used in AR and so on。

Widget is a field that hasn't been started yet. We believe it is a trend and the world will be changed more beautifully through the combination of  WAC and HTML5.
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