Getting Started

Droidget is Wigdet Platform for Android that supported the part of Bondi API 1.0 and Droidget API.

Install Eclipse

In order to develop widget for Droidget platform, Eclipse 3.5 is required. Download the Eclipse Classic 3.5.2 from the following link.

Then Install the Android Development Tools (ADT) . Refer the web page and setup ADT plugin.
Finally check  whether ADT plugin works well.

Install Plugin

GClue Inc has developed Eclipse plugin for Droidget Development. 

Select Help>>Install New Software.. from eclipse menu

Click on Add button in the Install Dialog box.

Add the name as Droidget SDK  use the following Droidget SDK update site link as the location

   Droidget SDK update site

then click Ok

Check the DroidgetSDK checkbox  and then click Next.
Then Install Details Dialog box will be appear. click Next.
Then Review License Dialog box will appear, accept the license agreement and click on Finish to install the Droidget SDK plugin.

Select DroidgetSDKFeature and Click Finish.

When the Security Warning Dialog box appears , Click on OK

Software Updates dialog box will appear and click on Yes to automatically check the updates. Then Eclipse will restarts itself.

Setting Plugin

Choose Preferences from Eclipse Menu. Then

Mac OS:  Eclipse >> Preferences
Windows: Window >> Preferences

Select Droidget Preferences and then give the path for Android-SDK top folder at "Android SDK preference", and check Android Version which is the target phone SDK version.

Create Project

Choose File >> New >> Project from Eclipse Menu.

Select Droidget Wizards>>Project at "New Project" dialogbox.

Fill "Project name".

After creating the project, Project with the given name will be appeared in Package Explorer.

This is Sample code of Droidget Widget.  




If Widget development coding is finished, Then select Droidget >> Packaging from Eclipse Menu to deploy the project.

If the packaging has been completed without errors, Created Widget with the wgt extension can be found in bin folder of the project.

Select Droidget >> Packaging Install from Eclipse Menu.

Install & Run with emulator

Widget applications can run either on emulator or on a real device.
See below explanation to run emulator.
If Droidget SDK and Eclipse is installed correctly, icons that illustrated with red are added to the menu section.

   Android Emulator start button
  Droidget start button

Click on
Android Emulator start button.

The Android emulator starts up. If the following screen is displayed, push the MENU button, and it launches to the HomeLauncher screen.

Below picture illustrates the HomeLauncher Screen with Android Emulator.
Make sure that any other Android device is not connected to computer with USB.
( If so, it will automatically starts debugging on  device and will not launch the emulator)

Make sure that any Android cellular phone is not connected with the computer by USB cable for development.
Then push on    Droidget run button, and the application for the test of Droidget will be started on the emulator.

Select HelloDroidget project in Eclipse project explorer.
Then Select Droidget>>Packaging Install from Eclipse Menu to deploy the project in Emulator.

 When Confirm download Dialog box is displayed , push on Yes button to install the widget

After installation , Click on Open Button on Droidget Home Click on the widget icon to run the widget.

Message Hello Droidget will appear in Droidget home screen.


To Close the widget, Click on Menu button in the emulator button panel. Then Settings and Close button will be displayed.Then select Close

Number of active widgets list will be displayed.
Select the Widget that wants to close , Then it will close down.

Deploy widget to device

(for IS01 user)

There are two possible ways of deploying widget to real devices.


Deploying with USB cable.      
Download form web server.

Installing with USB cable ( For IS01 User)

Droidget SDK supports deploying widget when device is connected to computer with USB cable.
To deploy with USB , it is necessary to have a SD card installed within Android device.

See instructions at following procedure to prepare device IS01 for development purpose.

Now connect Android device with the computer using USB cable and make sure that Emulator has been terminated.

To install widget, Select Droidget>>Packing Install from Eclipse menu .
( Also make sure that Emulator has been terminated.)

Click on Yes to install the Widget on device.

If the installation got an error,  check whether,

  • is device enabled to debugging mode?
  • and make sure that Android Emulator is not running
  • and make sure that Android device is connected to computer by USB cable.

Installing Widget from Web

Upload the Widget helloWorld.wgt to web server and update the download.html file as follows.
Specify Widget file, URI in a anchor link as <a href="droidget://....">...</a>

<a href="droidget://">HelloDroidget</a><br>

Then access the download.html from the smart phone and install the widget from URI. 

※The screen shots in this tutorial uses the screen of IS01 device of KDDI/au.

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