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Deploy Widget to real device ( normal Android Phone)

there are two ways for deploying the widget

    1. Deploying from the web
        have a own web site that is able to upload widget and have a webpage that can be access from the phone to download the widget. 
        Create a webpage :for example, download.html
        Put the following href with URI path for the widget
        Then upload widget to the specified URI

    <a href="droidget://">HelloDroidget</a><br>

<a href="droidget://">HelloDroidget</a><br>

    2. Deploying with ADB

Droidget SDK start to install Droidget Package to Droidget Player at Real Phone or at Emulator.

If it is success to install Droidget package, finish Droidget player.

Restart Droidget, again.

Select [Open] Button at Drodiget Player and click HelloDroidget button.


Run HelloDroidget at Droidget Player.