Bondi 1.0

Web Runtime

  • WRT is a generic term used to reffer a group of components that are provided to  run an application. (Either Widget User Agent and Browser or Widget User Agent and Browser)

Widget User Agent
  • When installing a Widget, Widget User Agent sets up all necessary components defined by the Web Engine.

JavaScript API Access
  • The main features of Web Runtime are providing geolocation, Camera, exposing its underlying platform (such as file systems), supplying of API Group and Client-side standard DOM APIs (such as JavaScript API). <<TODO>>

Widget Packaging


BONDI Security Model

  • The BONDI security model, has been designed management and provisioning of clear division of the use of Securify Framework and definition of those security policies.

Signed Security Policy Document processing

  • 'Signature Format' is an XML Digital Signature standard complient. It is seeded by the system which is authority and depending upon the format which is defined by Signed Security Policy.
  • XML Digital Signature standard can be found at

Security Policy Provisioning

BONDI 1.0 Architecture

  • Consist of Widget which moves on Website and WidgetUserAgent which move on Browser.
  • Web Engine (Webkit and Gecko) cooperates with the JavaScript-based API platform.
  • Contains JavaScript API Access Control mechanism and Device Capability Access Control mechanism.