What is Droidget?


Droidget is Widget application run time for Android OS. Widget application  for Droidget (Droidget application ) is compliant with W3C Widgets 1.0 specification.

Basic function of Droidget

  • Compliance to W3C Widgets 1.0 API and Bondi 1.0 API (partially compliant).
  • Widget application that executes upon Android OS is developed with Javascript , HTML, CSS.
  • Droidget SDK is provided as Eclipse Plugin.

Devices with pre-installed Droidget

Running the Droidget application

In the device which has pre-installed Droidget such as Sharp IS01, Widgets (Droiget applications)can run by sticking widgets upon home launcher.

Here it is the Screen shot of IS01 which is running widgets on home launcher.

※Images which are used in this tutorial captured from IS01 device provided by KDDI/au